Say We.
Directed by Matthieu Belin

SAY WE is an artistic project with the intention to put into perspective the transformative time we are all experiencing due to coronavirus. 

Music and Dance are before anything a sensation, an emotion. The atmosphere, the style and the visual territory of the short aim to translate those emotions, rather than laying down a rational narrative. The Film gravit around those moments when one could find himself isolated and confined in a limited space. Where the only connection with the outer world and others happens though screens. The rooms become the theater of unusual scenes on internet, the space where we live everything, the good and the bad. Some might find a new way of life, unravel passions, reignite love, or take the time to enjoy simple pleasures.

I hope this project to become the expression of a mutual and shared passion for creation, a moment we feel closer and meaningful together as one.

Matthieu Belin

Project by ABOUT US Studio


Director & creative & post Production : Matthieu Belin
Choregrapher : Anneliese Charek
Global 'Say We' project creative director : Frances Lin
Lyrics : Frances Lin & Lindy Lin
Composition and interpretation : Lindy Lin
Stylism : Liao Dan
Director of Photography : Malik Doll Matheson
1st Camera Assistant : Terry Yan
Dancers : Anneliese Charek, Hank Yu, JingLin Liao, Maykol Cruz, Siyu Lin
Make up & Hair : Samuel Liu Shanlin
Line Producer : Shengfan Lu

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