Directed by Matthieu Belin

Anima is a visual narration taking place in between the open sky and the far views of a cityscape in Shanghai, which carries in its womb an infinite of untold stories. 
In an attempt to explore the domain of human emotions and body as holistic art forms, in constant mutation, I left the Dancers performed in total improvisation. They used their body and sensibility as the substance of their poetry, to weave an aesthetic dialogue with the urban landscape, melting in a silent intimacy, to reveal its dramatic imprint.

Rather than being storytelling, the choice of purely cinematic aesthetical treatment enhances the emotional continuum every human experiences as a timeless moment with no beginning, either no end. As Hermann Hesse wrote, Human merely oscillates between 2 poles, but between thousands and thousands. Every ego, so far from being a unity is in the highest degree a manifold world, a constellated heaven, a chaos of form, of inheritances and potentialities. In this dance, each character is a refraction of its isolated nature, as much as the mirror of its variable states.

Matthieu Belin

Project by ABOUT US Studio


Director : Matthieu Belin
Stylism : Liao Dan
Director of Photography : Gianpaolo Lupori
Gaffer : Jonathan Bizeau
1st Camera Assistant : Chris Wang
Production Assistant : Henrik Pierce
Dancers : Irene Sposette, Anneliese Charek, Hao Nan, Jasin Chang, SiWei Jin
Make up & Hair : Serena

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